Origami Gallery
You can download PDF files for Shoko's origami instructions!
instruction gallery
Zodiac of Baby Animals
M A K E _ A_ C A R D
Chick with 2 Pockets Lucky Elephant Watermelon
Jewish Chicken Soup  Bear with Heart

Koala's Card

Easy Peasy I Love You Heart Grand Piano Greeting Card 3D Rose Card
Owl Bear Card Welcome Baby
Vase Ox Message Card Gift Box Card
Teapot-shaped Envelope Santa on Skis Australian Butterfly
Witch and Cauldron An Eye-Shaped Frame Sleeping Cat
Santa 2018    
C A N - P L A Y - W I T H
Hopping Mouse Clumsy Tree Frog Fish
Fairypenguin Easy Emu Wombat
Sniffing Dog See-Saw Crow
Humpty Dumpty Easy Burger
Sanbo Echidna Humpty Dumpty Easy Burger
Sitting Dog Chick Fox and Grapes
Traditional Origami 1,2,3 Hello Chaplin!! Walking Man
Mr Obama Squirrel Bird-shaped Teacup
Unit Brick Magical Flapping Bird Sailing Boat
U S E F U L _ I T E M
Sanbo Elephant Animal Envelope Kangaroo with Pouch
Joey Bookmark Rectangular traditional box Lazy Susan
Recycled Pocket Notebook Photo Stand  
F E S T I V E_ I T E M
Christmas stocking with 3 pockets Star and Milky Way Crown 1
Crown 2
OG apple crown
Orange Juice Apple Grass
Tea Bowl Le Petit Prince Arrow
Shakespeare The Body of Shakespeare Teddy Bear
Tulip Chicks in a Nest Tree
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