Shoko moved to Japan from Australia in February 2005.
She's now working based from Saitama.
December 2011

Watch the Video from Alexander Rodriguez Riaño!
This is fun!

December 2011  
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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December 2011 
Shoko's 'Sleeping Puppy' was introduced with Creased-Magazine for Paper Folders issue # 6.

Here is the website.

I am so glad to see this photo! Sooooooo cute!
November 2011 

Origami de Christmas 3 has been published by NOA ( Nippon Origami Association) November 2011.
This book is very good quality and worth buying, especially around this time of the year!

You can find cute Teddy Bear origami and Christmas wreath with pocket etc... which Shoko created.

Nippon Origami Association:

Shoko prized 'Fine Work' in the 18th Origami Carnival 2011. (right)
The theme of the contest is 'Bond'.
She made the "Bond with Music".
She created Seiji Ozawa, who is a conductor, and all animals who appear with 'Le carnaval des animaux (The Carnival of the Animals)' is a musical suite of fourteen movements by the French Romantic Camille Saint-Saens.

"I like the bright red color and the pond. The bird in the bird cage is cute, isn't it! "

October 2011
Shoko's Cup Santa, Rose Box and House Box were introduced with NOA magazine Issue 436.

You can see lots of lovely Christmas Origami models with this issue.
October 2011
Shoko's "House Cube" was introduced with British Origami magazine issue 270.

I like this model so much because you can make this cube with 2 Traditional Origami Houses.
August 2011
Shoko's Elephant and Pansy were introduced with PAPER LAND PLUS (Vol.79.07)
They were already introduced with NOA magazine issue 392 and 404.

June 2011 
Shoko's 'Secret tomato' and 'Knapsack' were introduced with NOA monthly magazine issue #432.

A caterpillar + A pupa + A butterfly = A Knapsack.

This is fun origami!
April 2011
Shoko's 'Beautiful Dove Note Holder' was introduced with Hungarian Origami Magazine issue 2011/1.
This Dove Note Holder is so beautiful.
I like it.
April 2011 new
Shoko's 'Snail with the heart-shaped shell' was introduced with NOA monthly magazine issue # 430.
Guitar created by Mr.Tsuda is amazing!
April 2011
Shoko's 'Gift Box Greeting Card' was introduced by Penny Groom with NEW COUNTESTHORPE THE HERALD. issue#272!
April 2011
Shoko's "Icecream" was introduced with ORISON magazine (number2 /2011).
I like Kleine beer created by Ildiko Vass. 
Looks so cute!
April 2011
Shoko's "The Flying Pig" was introduced with NOA Origami Magazine issue 429.
The theme of thismagazine is 'Children's day' .
You can see lots of fun origami and the information.
February 2011
Shoko's 'Koala' was introduced with NOA Origami Magazine issue 428.
Look at the photo of the Koala Puppet. Isn't it cute?
February 2011
Shoko's "The Flying Pig" (Pigs might fly) was introduced with British Origami magazine issue 266.

Pigs usually cannot fly; however, this one can. Enjoy!!

I do like the photograph on the front cover, which is from Mick Guy's session with group of boys runnning along a corridor with origami spinners on their fingers!
February 2011
Shoko's "School Uniform" was introduced with Korean Origami magazine PAPER LAND PLUS Vol.06.
February 2011
Shoko's "Simple tote bag" was introduced with ORISON magazine
(number 6/2010)

Shoko's "Pansy" was introduced with ORISON magazine
(number1 /2011).
Mr.Asahi's Flowers of front cover are so beautiful!
February 2011 new
"Fairy Penguin" was introduced by Alexander Rodriquez with "arte experto infantil"
in Colombia.
The photos are so beautiful.
Thank you so much Alex!
January 2011
I would like to introduce the 2011 calendar for the Nihon Sumo Kyokai (Japanese Sumo Association).

Special gohei are used to prepare for the tournament.

Click here to view the ceremony to purify the ring before the start of the sumo tournament. Origami lovers from around the world might find the Japanese Sumo Tournament interesting. It begins on January 9, 2011 in Tokyo.

Photo: © Nihon Sumo Kyokai
January 2011
"Playtime with Papa" was introduced with NOA magazine issue 426.
This model is an action model, like a Rock-a-bye Baby.

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