September 2023
British Origami Society (BOS)
Autumn Convention - Hull 2023
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On September 15th to 17th, 2023, the BOS autumn convention was held in Hull. This is in the UK. Dave Brill and Assia, and I were all special guests at the convention.

14th September 2023

James and Jane very kindly picked me up at Manchester Airport on Thursday, September14th. They were holding up a welcome sign that James had made.
With my name, he had attached a teddy bear origami!
It was such a sweet welcome!

As I had wanted to stay in a home instead of a hotel, to get a taste of everyday life there, they generously welcomed me into their home. I was excited like a child at Christmas!

They live in an amazing red brick house with nature on all sides! Out in the garden, I saw robins, magpies, and squirrels! I even found holes dug by a badger!

15th September 2023

Bronte Parsonage Museum
Mercure Hull Grange Park Hotel
On our way to Hull, James stopped at the Bronte Parsonage Museum so I could visit. This museum tells the story of three sisters, who were daughters of a country clergyman. We could learn how the sisters became world-renowned, powerful novelists.

After visiting the museum, we stopped at a nearby pub for lunch. We enjoyed some delicious celery soup and bread, then headed to Hull.

We finally arrived at the Mercure Hull Grange Park Hotel. It is a beautiful place set on 12 acres of landscaped gardens!

Humber bridge

Participants who had already arrived were gathered in the hotel pub drinking and folding origami. I checked in, then joined them. I was welcomed by everyone, making me feel like I had known them for years!

After setting up my origami display, I had dinner with all my new and old friends. The hotel had asked everyone in advance to choose their main dishes and desert, so they served what we had chosen. I think it was considerate of them to do this.

Nick and Iris

While driving to Hull, we saw a long, cool-looking bridge known as Humber Bridge!
It was an amazing piece of architecture!

I need to write about the late Iris Walker. She was an origami legend who lived in Hull. They are holding a "talk and panel" in her memory on Sunday at 2:00 in the afternoon.

I have a class, though, so I cannot attend. Many masters of origami have passed away recently, so I was really interested in this panel.

*Vehicle* by Nick Robinson *Vehicle* diagram by Iris Walker
Day 1 - Saturday, 16th September BOS Autumn Convention - Hull 2023
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The convention finally began with a "welcome and opening fold" at 9:30~10:30 on Saturday the 16th. Dave, Assia, and I were special guests, so we all three introduced ourselves. Assia then showed everyone how to make Pennant Bunting, so we made a lot and decorated the room!


My first class was from 10:00 to 11:20.
I taught how to make a "Prim Cat" .
First, we made a kitten using two pieces of same-size paper. We then used two pieces of different-size paper to make a grown up cat.
Everyone was successful! Take a look at the pictures!

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11:30-12:00 Tea &Coffee

After that, I had a class from 12:00~12:50 where I taught how to make a "hinged box."
After first practicing with regular paper, we made boxes with beautiful "washi" paper. Aren't these boxes beautiful?! 

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13:00 Lunch



14:30-15:20 Shoko's Presentation

My presentation was 14:30~15:20.
My topic was "The Special Power of Origami".

Together, we all made "yakkosan" paper clips.
We connected origami with the clips, then people shared what origami has brought into their lives.


15:30-16:00 Group Photo Shoot
Photography Robin Macey


From 16:00 to 18:00, I taught a class how to make a "rose box," "rose letter," "star basket rose," and "cat box". Those were back to back without a break!

I got a little tired, but enjoyed the class. Many have created a variety of roses. My origami rose is simple with a touch of uniqueness. I hope everyone who joined in had a good time.

At 6:00 p.m., a "novelty competition" was held.
There were 7 groups competing with bridge creations. I had a class, so couldn't watch them create.
I was disappointed because I wanted to see "how" the bridges were made!

18:30 Dinner

Day 2 - Sunday, 17th September BOS Autumn Convention - Hull 2023
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Question & Answer seesion

Robin Glynn with Giant Star

Shoko with Nick Robinson, BOS President


There was an "Exhibition Review" on Sunday, 17th September, at 9:30-10:30.

Lee asked some questions to each folder.
I was asked why my origami creations were so cute (kawaii)?
I replied I often find curious or cute shapes while visiting museums or reading books, then I gradually create it. Suddenly a new cute origami appears on my palm


I taught "Chipmunk and a box".
The chipmunk can hold a box or book.

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I taught "Shiba dog and a log".
"How to assemble the head and body is tricky, so we used different colored paper.

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13:00 Lunch


Finally, I joined Assia's Christmas tree class. Her tree is elegant with candles created by Kasahara.

There were many wonderful origami classes! 
It was pity I had no time to join them!

16:30 Closed


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